Susan Gibson

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In 1990 Susan Gibson went to college; it was there she found her love of trees and open mics. When pressure grew to pick one or the other, she moved to Amarillo to join forces with the Groobees, a choice that produced 3 albums, 5 sets of hard feelings, and one shoulder tattoo. During that time, esteemed producer Lloyd Maines, in an effort to get his daughter out of the house, sent Natalie Maines and the Gibson penned “Wide Open Spaces” to the Dixie Chicks. The rest is political and socioeconomic history. Recently, after being asked enough about it for the past decade, Gibson had to look up just what exactly the Dixie Chicks did win at the Grammy’s in 1999. Google affirmed that she did indeed write the title track to a Grammy award-winning album. In 2002, the promising solo album debut of Chin Up went horribly awry after an unfortunate typo coupled with a proofreader afflicted with glaucoma ended in Gibson mistakenly offering a “free bonus truck” with each purchase instead of a “free bonus track.” Regardless, the album was met with acclaim from fans, critics, and members of the United Auto Workers alike.

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Tickets are $15 in advance, $20 day of show

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