John Conley CD Release Concert!

Jan 10, 2011 |  0 comments
Date: Jan 10, 2011 Time: 
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John is a multifaceted musician, well-versed in several forms of music, ranging from jazz to folk, blues to bluegrass. AfterThoughts is a project of singer/songwriter songs written by John Conley over the past decade. John has been recording his own compositions numbered by the hundreds from an early age but the idea of AfterThoughts was born out of a desire to create simply constructed acoustic music but with thicker harmony and textural twists. Using creative guitar tunings and techniques, John is able to create a lush background to contrast the understated moody melody of his vocals. John has a degree in Jazz Studies from the acclaimed Virginia Commonwealth University and plays extensively with a variety of groups in varying styles. However, his studies seemed to hinder his creative process more than help it in this project. “It was really when I became so obsessed with theory and harmonic motion that I had to stop thinking, re-tune the guitar to something that sounded good to me, and play by ear once again. Then I felt free to write more from the heart than from the brain,” he says. AfterThoughts EP comes out February 4th, 2011. The CD release party will be held at Ashland Coffee & Tea at 8p where John and his band will perform works off the EP as well as other original songs he has written. Jackie Frost and Greg Donovan’s Folk/Americana group “Wayside” will be opening.

 Tickets $8 at the door…

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