Will Kimbrough

Will Kimbrough

Jun 12, 2015 |  2 comments
Date: Jun 12, 2015 Time: 8:00 PM Price: $15 advance, $18 day of show Type: Singer/Songwriter/rock/Americana

Will Kimbrough is one of our favorites here, whether performing on his own or with Emmylou Harris, Rodney Crowell, Jimmy Buffett, or Todd Snider. ”Kimbrough’s body of work reflects a lifetime of performing, writing, and collaborating from more angles than Da Vinci’s protractor. True to his search for universal truths, his profound musical knowledge and expert creations reflect years of learning the intricacies of folk, blues, gospel, country, rock’n’roll, punk rock and jazz.”

Will Kimbrough is hungry. The youthful singer, songwriter, award-winning guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, producer, performer and bandleader has a voracious appetite for every aspect of music. Born and raised in the deep south of the Alabama Gulf Coast, he ingested eclectic FM radio sounds and the music of nearby New Orleans. In his quest to develop his musical capacities to their fullest, Will Kimbrough has become a modern-day Renaissance Man.

visit his website: http://www.willkimbrough.com/





  1. Viola says:

    Do you still have tickets to Friday’s show. Will Kimbrough? If you can put one on willcall that would be great.

    • ACT says:

      we do have tickets…

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