SOLD OUT!!!  The Wood Brothers – Chris Kasper opens

SOLD OUT!!! The Wood Brothers – Chris Kasper opens

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Two brothers decide to form a band, adapting the blues, folk and other roots‐music sounds they loved as kids into their own evocative sound and twining their voices in the sort of high‐lonesome harmony blend for which sibling singers are often renowned. While that’s not a terribly unusual story, the Wood Brothers took a twisty path to their ultimate collaboration. Indeed, they pursued separate projects for some 15 years before joining forces.

The two brothers now continue pursuing the musical adventure they’d begun in childhood. For although their paths diverged for many years, and they forged very different careers in disparate places, the Wood Brothers are never far from the musical currents that formed their musical impulses in the first place. It may be, in Chris’ formation, part influences and part blood. But it’s all magic. Now touring behind their newest album, The Muse!

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chris-kasperChris Kasper is quietly distinguishing himself from the crowd as a gifted singer/songwriter who follows neither genre nor format. He is a songster based in Philadelphia, PA. As part of the music community in his city, Kasper is regarded as a favorite by radio and fellow songwriters. A subtle showman, his songs, records and shows lift from the ground and surround. He has received some national critical acclaim from outlets such as iTunes, Ragged Magazine, ABC  and has opened for Amos Lee, The Wood Brothers, and G. Love among others. Most recent news includes the completion of his latest recording “The First Hundred Years Are The Hardest” (2011) produced by friend and peer Andrew Lipke. This collaboration has pushed Kasper’s signature sound into further corners of the singer/ songwriter label and opened new possible directions for future efforts. While “Chasing Another Sundown” (2009) proved to be a meticulous production (Jeff Hiatt) with the thread of sweeping pedal steel by Adam Davis, The “First Hundred…” is sonically more electric and stylistically more varied. Like “FlyingBoy” (2006), most of the instruments were played by Chris and Andrew with the occasional help of some key guest players including Fred Berman (Amos Lee) and Chris Giraldi (Rachel Yamagata). Check here for the most up to date info and news on all of things Chris Kasper.

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