An evening of BADFINGER music Performed by The Hullabaloos, Taters and Neatles

An evening of BADFINGER music Performed by The Hullabaloos, Taters and Neatles

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Date: Apr 30, 2016 Time: 8:00 Price: $10 in advance $15 at the door Type: Rock and Roll


“No Matter What,” a tribute to the iconic British band Badfinger, has been scheduled for Saturday, April 30, at 8:00 p.m. at Ashland Coffee and Tea in Ashland, VA. The show will feature members of the Hullabaloos, The Taters, The NEAtLES and other Richmond, VA bands performing Badfinger hits and deep cuts. An on-air appearance by the musicians will occur Saturday, April 16th at 1 PM on WRIR 97.3 FM.

Badfinger was one of the greatest power pop bands of all time. Signed by the Beatles to their Apple label in 1968, the group released hits like “Maybe Tomorrow,” “Come and Get It,” “No Matter What,” “Day After Day,” “Without You” and “Baby Blue” before breaking up in 1974.

With their impeccable Abbey Road sound, and their first hit written by Paul McCartney, Badfinger’swork is considered musical perfection. George Harrison helped produce the group’s third album and played slide guitar on the hit “Day After Day.” Band members also appeared on several of the Beatles’solo albums, including “All Things Must Pass” “Imagine,” and “Concert for Bangladesh.” George Martin arranged the strings on one of their songs on their first album, “Carry On Til Tomorrow,” and it was produced by Paul McCartney.

Brooke Saunders, who is organizing the tribute show, met Mike Gibbins, the drummer for Badfinger,while traveling in 1977. “I was in England for a family reunion and afterwards went to Swansea, Wales,and met Pete Ham’s brother, John, and Mike Gibbins,” says Saunders. “I spent a week there getting toknow Mike and various people associated with Badfinger. Mike gave me a quarter-inch tape of theirlast, unreleased album, “Head First,” and five rare photographs.”

“One of my best moments was strumming a few chords on Pete’s guitars,” adds Saunders. “His iconicSG – was given to him by George Harrison, who had used it on Revolver, plus John Lennon played it onThe White Album. Mike and I kept in touch for a while, and I was eventually able to meet Tom Evansand Joey Molland, who has played in Richmond on occasion.”

The show will include nearly 30 Badfinger songs, plus other tunes from Beatles solo projects on which band members played, including “My Sweet Lord” and “It Don’t Come Easy.” Ashland Coffee and Tea will feature Welsh rarebit and leeks on its menu. Musicians scheduled for the project include Gary Eaton, Brooke Saunders, Rolfe Trimble, Harry Gore, Susan Stewart, Calvin Cecil, Vernon Knight, Mason Mills, Miles Johnston, Beth Tubb, Craig Evans, BradTucker, Greg Marrs and Chris Mendez.

“The Taters soar through a catalog of Americana and ’60s-era pop influences”

The Taters play an eclectic mix of roots rock, pop, country, skiffle & Americana, a sound that’s been compared favorably to a mixture of Everlys, Orbison, Beatles, and Nick Lowe. Writing in Billboard Magazine,taters 2011 critic Gordon Ely described the Taters as “determinedly-and gleefully-forging a path with no limits or end in sight. This is music for which you’ve been waiting a long, long time… Without a trace of self-consciousness or pretension, the Taters draw up a formula that can rightly be claimed as their own”.



Watch out for the new British Invasion headed your way. The Hullabaloos are a Dynamic band who play like no one you’ve ever heard before.

The membership of The Hullabaloos is taken from several past popular Richmond, VA groups such as London Bridge, The Imitators, The Good Guys and Harry and the Measles. The Hullabaloos includes well known Richmond, VA singer and guitarist Harry Gore. What ties it all together is their shared love of the music of The Sixties as exemplified by such groups as The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Byrds, The Monkees, The Hollies and so many many more. Combining superb musicianship and camraderie, an evening with The Hullabaloos will take you “Back to the Sixties” and will provide good times and good memories that you will not soon forget!


The Neatles1The Neatles consist of talented Virginia musicians, led by Brooke and includes Brooke, Harry, Rolfe, Gary, Hunter, and Mason. We are a band that plays mostly British Invasion tunes in the greater Richmond area. We are influenced by The BEATLES, BEATLES, BEATLES…
Neil Young, Badfinger, Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, CSNY, Moody Blues, Kinks.

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