The Green Boys

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Date: Feb 15, 2013 Time: 8:00 pm Price: $10 at the door Type: Americana
The Green Boys began their journey under the guise of The Green Brothers in late 2007. After returning to Virginia from several years of dry air in the New Mexico mountains, the brothers began arranging a repertoire of traditional , cover, and original songs. Blending distinct but obviously familial voices, the brothers created a sound akin to the humble music that graced these Appalachian mountains many years ago. With two guitars and little training, the two produced a sound that they and many others seemed to enjoy hearing. Writing songs of heartbreak, travel, lust, and more heartbreak, the brothers stuck primarily to the things they had experienced in their rather short lives. With several sets of music prepared the brothers soon added long time friend Michael Emmons to thicken the sound. Bringing a keen ear for melody played on both banjo and dobro, Emmons quickly became an integral part of the sound and the Brothers became the Boys. Around the same time, Ryan retired the guitar and indulged in his love for the upright bass, bringing the group down into the deepest level of the resonant chambers of the heart . In 2008 The Green Boys met and befriended Jonathan Burkett, a Fredericksburg local who had attracted the band with his subtle touch and feel on the drums. After a few short gigs, Burkett became the fourth and seemingly final member of the band that now tours the state of Virginia with eyes upon the country at large.

The Green Boys released their first EP in April of 2010 (available for purchase or preview at and plan to release an LP within the next year. They are currently booking shows in Fredericksburg, Charlottesville, Richmond, and D.C. and are open to bids from any and all other townships or villas. Their shows attract a mixed age and multicultural crowd that can only be explained by the virtues of the music they play. Whatever your pleasure, you’re sure to find something within.

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