PT Gazell

PT Gazell

Mar 27, 2014 |  Comments Off on PT Gazell
Date: Mar 27, 2014 Time: 8:00 PM Price: $10 in advance, $12 day of show Type: Jazz/Swing/Americana

Hot, swingin, smooth, original, clean, lyrical, faster than a speeding bullet, diatonically chromatic, one of a kind, masterful, the swingingest, Oh yeah, like what? Nat King Cole, Benny Goodman, Louie Jordan, Ben Webster, Sweets Edison, …that’s what!

With 4 Solo CDs under his belt, including his double Grammy nominated 2011 release, “2 Days Out,” PT Gazell continues to expand the musical boundaries for the harmonica. Using his own signature model instrument, the Gazell Method diatonic, he proves that the harmonica is capable of much more than what most of us believe.

PT likes to think of his performances and CDs as an on going musical conversation between himself and his fans. Judging by the music he delivers, he’s quite a compelling and articulate speaker.

No other player combines his phrasing, his melodic style, his song choices and his improvisational abilities…  his singular style may draw comparisons to others, but in the end, it’s a style all his own.

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