A Night with Don Parks from “Out of Time”

A Night with Don Parks from “Out of Time”

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Date: Mar 26, 2016 Time: 8:00 Price: $10 in adv/ $15 day of Type: Folk

The Kingston Trio was America’s favortie music before the British Invasion, but largely forgotten because it didn’t  fit Oldies Rock radio format. most people are awestruck when they hear this music performed with the vibrant composition and style of the Kingston Trio.

Don’s from Richmond and Charlie’s from D.C. The met in Pheonix where the Trio has been involved with music workshops every summer for the last 15  years.

Don Published the “40 years” history booklet of the Trio in 1997 and had the privilege of reuniting hte group with the owner of the Hungry i club. where the Trio got their start in 1957. The Kingstons have recognized  that Don and Charlie are two of the best musicians to come out of their workshop camps.

Don and Charlie say they’re excited to play at Ashland Coffee & Tea because it’s got that “Hungry i” feel. Get ready for great sing-a-longs, and the band welcomes your requests from the genre.

The Kingston….from the Hungry i is The Kingston Trio’s first live album, released in 1959. it was recorded in 1958 at the San Francisco club Hungry i shortly after the release of their debut album The Kingston Trio. It was awarded an RIAA gold album on October 24, 1960, and presented to the group in 1961.

kingston trio 1

Originally located at 599 Jackson Street on the ground floor of the International Hotel, the Hungry i and Banducci were also instrumental in the careers of actor/comic Ronnie Schell, comic Bill Cosby,  comic Lenny Bruce, and minister Malcolm Boyd Musically, the Kingston Trio recorded two famous albums at the Hugry i, including the first live performance of their version of “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”.  Tom Lehrer’s final saterical album That Was the Year That Was (1965) was also recorded there, as well as the Limelites’ album Our Men in San Franscisco (1963)

Jazz Legend Vince Guaraldi, folk singer Glenn Yarborough, the Gateway Singers, and comedians Godfrey Cambridge, Professor Irwin Corey, and Mort Sahl were also given career boosts from their appearances at the Hungry i, as well as Dick Cavett and Woody Allen. The folk-rock group WeFiver were signed to A&M records after Herb Alpert saw them perform there.

John Phillips (of the Mommas & the Papas fame) and the Journeymen were the house band in the early 60’s.

kingston trio 2

The young Barbara Streisand begged Banducci for a single night at his nightclub, insisting that she would be a star. Banduccci agreed to sign the singer, who had never performed professionally but was eventually starring in I Can Get it for You Wholesale on Broadway. The resulting concerts (March-April) were well-attended giving Streisand nationwide acclaim.

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