Hoax Hunters

Hoax Hunters

Oct 20, 2016 |  3 comments
Date: Oct 20, 2016 Time: 8:00 pm Price: $10 Cover Type: 

A few years ago, PJ Sykes put down the guitar and picked up the camera, putting focus on his blossoming music photography career. Though the lens never took him far from the stage, he could only stay away for so long. After four years of steady releasees on Sykes’ own label, Cherub Records, Hoax Hunters has been drawing comparisons to underground heroes like Minutemen, Husker Dü, and Dag Nasty. The band have been washing Richmond, VA and surrounding areas in feedback, drawing crowds for their infectious tunes, and their explosive and unhinged live shows. Ashland Coffee & Tea will be the band’s last stop on their Clickbait World Tour!

more info: www.cherub.rocks

Jon and Kevin of Horsehead

Jon C. Brown and Kevin Wade Inge wanted a way to tour in situations where the full, loud Horsehead was not feasible. The duo took their existing Horsehead catalogue and rearranged the songs for a more intimate and immediate setting. Mainly performing with just two acoustic guitars, they bring you inside the circled wagons to experience rather than only watch. The music is both deeply grounded in history and wondrously performed; it’s hard to listen without tapping your foot or clapping along. For Jon and Kevin this way of performing has taken on a revivalist feel of its own, sometimes spiritual, sometimes devilish, but always a party.

Show-goers are treated to things they don’t normally get to hear when seeing a band at full stage volume. The show swings like a pendulum from hushed moments of a single guitar and voice to a loud, foot-stompin’, hollerin’, screamin’, testifyin’ rock’n’roll show. Ultimately, the goal of these performances is to highlight the stories within and behind the songs that can sometimes be lost behind the hum of the amplifiers and the crack of the drums. Leave your cares aside and be prepared to be singing along by the end of the night.


  1. TooSlim says:

    That’s an amazing image of one of RVA excellent guitar bands.

    I wonder who took that 🙂

  2. TooSlim says:

    Amn amazing picture of RVAs premier gutsr band.

    ….come to this show, they do not disappoint.

    I wonder who too lol that professional quality picture..,


  3. J. Simpkins says:

    ….that is a high quality image, I wonder who has the “eye” for such a professional picture?

    It’s a good thing too. Hoax Hunters are one of RVA’s best guitar bands.

    Don’t miss this show.

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