Carl Waterford and 3 Bars Down

Carl Waterford and 3 Bars Down

Mar 17, 2018 |  0 comments
Date: Mar 17, 2018 Time: 8:00 pm Price: $7 advance / $10 door Type: Blues

Carl Waterford
Lead vocals, Lead Guitar

Carl has been playing blues as a solo act around the country for years. He has been playing with regional bands and backing their shows. This band was formed to support the the Chicago style blues that audiences expect. Carl also plays Bass and Drums. He has written original music that follows that Chicago traditional style. Electric guitar and soulful lyrics are the basis of this players show. He promotes the theory that blues is best served live.  Additionally, he is inspired by the “live performances” from blues legends like BB King, Albert King, Eric Clapton and Muddy Waters. He knows blues history and is determined to keep the blues alive.

Ernie G Guneratnum
Piano, Keyboards

Classically trained and fluent in jazz, rock and blues. Ernie G has played for several regional acts from New York to New Orleans. He brings a classy approach to the show that enhances the sound and takes the rhythm section full and soulful. Ernie G can also play guitar and sing. Within the framework of this act, he holds down the piano and keyboards. His solos are as fun to watch as they are musically sensational.

Zion Charity
Bass, background vocals

Educated in jazz, groomed in funk and balanced in blues. Zion holds down the bottom that helps define the music’s heat beat. Zion provides the pulse for the band. His knowledge of theory and arrangement is essential in the Chicago Blues style. Zion also plays drums and key bass. He has been on several gospel albums as a studio musician and touring bass player. His bass solos are always show stoppers and innovative. He brings a deeper shade of blue to the stage.

Chaz Cox

Known for exciting stage skills and what musicians refer to as “pocket skills”. Chaz rounds out the team and keeps the music on time and accented with flair. She also played drums in school and can play jazz, rock and all styles of blues. Chaz also brings a sensitive approach to the style the band presents. She helps everyone stay in the pocket and her smile reminds the band that this is about the show and having fun. You can also find her working with choirs including the Gospel Music Workshop in Richmond.

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