Bruce Molsky

Bruce Molsky

Dec 3, 2015 |  3 comments
Date: Dec 3, 2015 Time: 8:00 pm Price: $15 in advance, $18 day of show Type: old time fiddle

“America’s reigning old time fiddler.” – Matt Glaser, fiddler-educator
“The Rembrandt of Appalachian fiddle.” – Darol Anger, fiddler
“There’s an incredible power of history and tradition in his vocals.” – Linda Ronstadt, singer

Bruce Molsky stands today as the premier old-time fiddler in the world, the defining virtuoso of Appalachia’s timeless folk music traditions. That must feel odd for a former engineer from the Bronx, who didn’t begin a music career until he was forty. But folded into those strange facts is the secret to his unique genius. In addition to a prolific solo career, performing on fiddle, guitar, and banjo, Molsky frequently joins genre-busting supergroups, like the Grammy-nominated Fiddlers Four, and Mozaik, with Hungarian Nikola Parov, and Celtic giant Donal Lunny. He was on Nickel Creek ‘s farewell tour, and performs in a trio with Scottish fiddler Aly Bain and Sweden’s great Ale Moller. “Playing in these kinds of groups is an important part of what I do,” Molsky says. “Regionalism was one of the hallmarks of traditional music in the old days; now we’re in the Information Age, and I don’t think that’s what folk music does anymore. But the more cultures I discover, the more I realize that folk music performs the same function for everybody; and therefore is the same thing everywhere – just spoken with different accents.” Great fiddlers ask him to teach at their fiddle camps, including Alasdair Fraser, Jay Ungar, and Mark O’Connor, who says Molsky has “a mystical awareness of how to bring out the new in something that is old.” “Young people realize this is a guy who’s tapped into the real deep emotional wellsprings of this music,” says Matt Glaser, director of Berklee’s American Roots Program. “He has a way of removing everything that’s unnecessary; and young people are very hungry for something real. Bruce has that in spades.” Molsky was born in the Bronx in 1955, and fell in love with old-time music as a teenager. He moved to Virginia in the ’70s, learning directly from old masters like Tommy Jarrell, and seeing how the music fit into people’s lives. “It was only the older people, of Tommy’s generation, who still had the music as part of their everyday existence,” Molsky says. “At first, I wanted to live like that; but then I realized I didn’t want to claim the culture as my own – I just loved the music.”

That personal authenticity deeply informs his music. Whether performing an ancient reel from Virginia, a Swedish waltz, or a loping cowboy ballad, Molsky presents himself as exactly who he is. Rob Simons, executive director of the Cedar Cultural Center in Minneapolis, says that’s the key to Molsky’s enormous appeal as a live performer: “He’s that unique blend of virtuoso and humble, nice guy that is irresistible to audiences.”

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  1. Katy R. says:

    Hello, I have been trying since yesterday to call and ask about tickets for tonight’s performance, Bruce Molsky.

    No one has been answering, and the mail box is full and unable to accept any messages. Please make it possible for folks to get a hold of you to purchase tickets or ask questions! I hope that this issue hasn’t been keeping people from coming to the shows, and affecting your ticket sales.

    If the phone isn’t being answered, please at least have a message that explains this, so folks have some context to put this in. (Is it because the show was cancelled, it’s after hours, when will someone be answering the phone, if not now? Other ways to get up-to-date information, or reserve tickets?)

    Thank you so much,

    (804) 399-1335

    • ACT says:

      Hello Katy!
      I’m not sure why they are not answering. I will pass this on – we do have tickets available for the show and I will ask the owner to make sure you are on the list.

      • Katy R. says:

        Thank you! Will swing by to pick it up soon.

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