An Evening with Mary Gauthier

An Evening with Mary Gauthier

May 16, 2014 |  3 comments
Date: May 16, 2014 Time: 8 pm Price: $17 in advance, $20 day of show Type: singer/songwriter

In conversation and in public, Mary Gauthier comes off as a practical, no-nonsense woman. Stoic, even. Which wouldn’t seem unusual, except for the fact that her songs carry so much emotional punch, they can leave you staggering. She has a way of burrowing into that hole so many of us carry inside our souls, and emerging with universal truths that show we aren’t so alone after all.

Gauthier knows where our exposed nerve endings lie because she’s probed her own so deeply, finally learning to unlock the fear and loneliness that controlled her escape-seeking trajectory for so long before songwriting — and the sobriety that drew it forth at age 35 — gave her a steadier flight path.

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  1. Audrey Howard says:

    We would like to purchase 2 tickets for Mary Gauthier on 16th May. We will becoming over to USA from Scotland for a holiday starting 11th May and will be staying in Richmond 15th and 16th May. Can you advise how we purchase tickets and if its possible to get to venue by public transport. Thank you Audrey

    • ACT says:

      you can purchase over the phone or here on the website.
      kay Landry

    • Paul says:

      Hi, Audrey–

      Public transport from Richmond will be tough. If you have a car, you are welcome to follow us up — the drive from downtown is less than 30 minutes. Email me at


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