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Join us for an acoustical evening with Xaris Waltman. Dinner menu will be offered from 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM. Selections include: Black Angus Rib Eye, Ribs, Burgers, Meatloaf plate, Chicken Noodle Bowl, Soups, and Salads. Call us for reservations: 804-299-3604.

For Waltman, playing music is not only a big part of her heart and passion; ultimately, it flows out of her as the result of a deeper need. “It’s a need to create, more than anything. It just happens. If I’m not creating, I get so sad,” she said.

“Music is my heart, my passion, my way of supporting myself and my way of expressing myself. It holds so much weight in my life and in my soul. Behind love, music is the most spiritual thing in this life. I’m thankful I get to be part of the noise.”

As part of her live musical performances, Waltman invites the element of storytelling.

“Storytelling is a creative outlet that I explore. It goes hand in hand with my music. I learned it from older folk singers I’ve met throughout the years. The stories of the songs, and how they came to be, are as much a part of the shows as the songs are,” she said.

Waltman has had the opportunity to play for a diverse mix of crowds, including a nation-wide television audience. Last fall, she was on-screen as part of Season 13 of NBC’s “The Voice,” an experience that affirmed the mainstream world of pop music is not for her.

“I don’t really enjoy Hollywood and the glitz and glamor of it all,” she said. “I enjoy being able to have full creative rein in my music and my life. I’m glad I did it, though, since it taught me that. And I met some very good friends during my month out in LA.”

Since her time in Los Angeles, Waltman has been touring on and off, including a solo Midwest tour as well as in the Carolinas.

Regardless of what stage she finds herself on, for Waltman, playing music has a resounding effect.

“Playing music brings me the strongest emotions. It almost puts me in a trance. I feel numb to real life, only attentive to the song and what I’m relaying to the audience,” she said.

Take a listen.