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DC-born singer/songwriter Dave Goodrich delivers strong, smooth, soulful vocals atop intricate—and sometimes percussive—acoustic guitar rhythms. Hn their waves into more than 100 television shows aired worldwide.

“It’s easy to enjoy Dave Goodrich—all you need is a pair of ears and a soul to search.”is energetic new single You Gave Me Your Love serves as the centerpiece for his eclectic set of thoughtful originals and  cherished covers. A handful of his well-produced recordings have wove

—Chris Slattery, GAZETTE.NET

“This guitarist/singer/songwriter can make you chuckle in one song and break your heart in the next.”

—Jennifer Layton, INDIE-MUSIC.COM

(From review of 15 Minutes)

“Dave has THE mojo of thinking man’s power-pop…move over Bryan Ferry and David Bowie.”


(From review of What’s the Dark Matter?)